About us

A remarkable musical score can add a great deal to a visual media production, and while there are many projects with outstanding soundtracks licensed from existing artists, there is nothing quite like an original soundtrack. Not only do the very best original soundtracks feature musical compositions that are strong enough to be enjoyable on their own accord, but they are also thematically appropriate to the project in which they appear and truly add something to the experience.

In July 2009 (MMIX) we founded De Geluiderij (Dutch for ‘The Soundfactory’).

We are passionate about creating great music and sound. Whether we create an original soundtrack that we compose, arrange, and perform from scratch especially to fit your project or you choose a work from our Catalogue and have it reworked to fit your production, either way we don’t stop until we meet all your projects’ requirements.
We constantly bring our experience and dedication to create music and sound for projects demanding the highest artistic and sonic quality.

De Geluiderij has a network containing a versatile range of established composers and musicians who produce music for film, television, advertising and gaming. Accomplished arrangers orchestrate commercial pop music and a diversity of other musical styles.

We are committed to make your project a creative and enjoyable affair!

De Geluiderij

– quality control to the extreme –